A brief non-update on my Patristic Readers

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I was very glad to awake this morning and see that Geoffrey Steadman as returned to his Greek and Latin texts with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary projects with some very fine new additions.

It has reminded me that I do need to return to my inspired-by-the-above Patristic Readers. Really, my work on these ground to a virtual halt due to the twin pressures of a thesis and an infant child.

It also hasn’t helped that I have so far worked on relatively short texts which do not provide enough material for a print volume in themselves.

I do have hopes though! I have already made a decent start on the third Gregory of Nyssa text, and that should not take forever, which could see the three of them put together for a printable volume.

Also, teaching Gregory Nazianzus Oration 29 this week, I normally format my own teaching materials in the same style as the readers. So that would be a headstart there for a next volume. It would be nice to offer all 5 Theological Orations together.

Even after just a day of teaching with some experienced students, I’m reminded how great the gap is for those wanting to transition into Patristic texts. It is not easy, and good help is hard to come by. I myself have had recourse to ask more than a few questions about Gregory’s Greek to an associate.

Anyway, we live in hope, and particularly I hope to put this dissertation to bed in a few months…

A short update on progress

I thought I’d post a brief update on how some of these are getting along.

Firstly, the good news is that after long delays, we are actually moving towards a print edition. I managed to get the cover design done, and I’ve gone through a proof copy of the first volume (Perpetua and Polycarp). This means that I should be able to approve a print copy for purchase very soon.

At present I’m working primarily on a third text by Gregory of Nyssa, which given the other two shouldn’t be too onerous overall. It will bring the total page count and word count for the Gregory texts to a respectable size (enough to warrant another slim volume), and that will form a volume 2.

I have some other longer term projects bubbling away quite slowly, including something in Latin, and something in the Classical Greek range rather than Patristics, but all that will come in good time. Naturally, between doctoral dissertation writing and other duties, time is at a premium.

Look out for a post about the print version of volume 1 soon though.

Gregory of Nyssa, Ad Simplicium, De Fide

Today I’m releasing a short text, Gregory of Nyssa’s Ad Simplicium, de Fide.

This text is but a brief 1584 words, and provides a gentle introduction to one of the great Fathers of the Church. It also complements the longer Ad Ablabium nicely. Once I complete a third treatise of Gregory, I’ll combine the three into a nice little volume. Until then, enjoy this free pdf version.

If the page numbering seems odd, it is simply because the text will follow on from Ad Ablabium in a print volume. But, in the pdf version that should be irrelevant.

Gregory of Nyssa, Ad Ablabium – pdf release

I’m very pleased to release a pdf version of Gregory of Nyssa’s Ad Ablabium, On Not Three Gods today.

The text represents not only a significant Patristic work, but I dare say a real step forward; there are simply very little helps for Greek students wishing to transition from either Classical texts or Koine Greek to the later Church Fathers, and to my knowledge there are no real student or reader editions of this kind of material. With the release of this text, I think we are seeing something truly new for students of Greek, Patristics, History and Theology.


This release is almost certain to contain an error or three, and I would appreciate any feedback you have on the text, formatting, errors, etc..


I’ll go ahead and say that we’re getting closer to releasing some print editions.

For the next volume, I’ll be working on something in the Latin Fathers.

Update to the Passion of Perpetua

I have at last uploaded a revised version of the Passio Perpetuae which includes some corrections to errors, and some improved notes on grammar and historical context.


I am also pleased to tell you that work is on track for a new text, it is about 70% complete and should be finished in early May (later than I would have liked).

Update to the Martyrdom of Polycarp

I have uploaded a revised edition of The Martyrdom of Polycarp, current as of February 2015. I incorporated a number of corrections and expanded some of the commentary. I also ironed out a couple of formatting issues, though I think a few still remain.

In the next few weeks I will also update and revise the Passion of Perpetua.

Following that I hope to have a third patristic text online within a few months, and I am still working with a designer on a cover to bring some of these editions to print.