A short update on progress

I thought I’d post a brief update on how some of these are getting along.

Firstly, the good news is that after long delays, we are actually moving towards a print edition. I managed to get the cover design done, and I’ve gone through a proof copy of the first volume (Perpetua and Polycarp). This means that I should be able to approve a print copy for purchase very soon.

At present I’m working primarily on a third text by Gregory of Nyssa, which given the other two shouldn’t be too onerous overall. It will bring the total page count and word count for the Gregory texts to a respectable size (enough to warrant another slim volume), and that will form a volume 2.

I have some other longer term projects bubbling away quite slowly, including something in Latin, and something in the Classical Greek range rather than Patristics, but all that will come in good time. Naturally, between doctoral dissertation writing and other duties, time is at a premium.

Look out for a post about the print version of volume 1 soon though.