This website stores digital files and information related to the upcoming Patristic Readers project. Here you will find downloadable texts with vocabulary and commentary of significant Patristic texts, available under a Creative Commons licence.

This project is the work of Seumas Macdonald.

About the author:

Seumas Macdonald holds a number (too many) degrees, including an MTh and a PhD in the area of patristic research, having completed his doctoral research on hermeneutical distinctives in trinitarian perspective in the works of Basil of Caesarea and Hilary of Poitiers. He is currently pursuing further research, while teaching Greek, Latin, and Church History.

Contact me:

I can be reached via email: thepatrologist  @  gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About

    • Yes, some scholars do regard it as inauthentic. For example it’s not included in the NFPF collection. I think that was a presumptuous judgment, “indubitably spurious”. You can read a translation of it in Deferrari from 1926, available on the Internet Archive here.

      Best wishes, Seumas

  1. Found it, thank you so much! I had searched online without success to find this translation and noted that it had been omitted from some collections on grounds of its alleged spuriousness, so I am most grateful to you for guiding me to the right place. By the way, we may be on the same time zone (I am in Hong Kong). I hope you have made the most of the summer months in Ulaanbaatar, with its breathtakingly beautiful scenery: once winter sets in you will have plenty of time in the long evenings to work on your project! Best Wishes Alan

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