This website stores digital files and information related to the upcoming Patristic Readers project. Here you will find downloadable texts with vocabulary and commentary of significant Patristic texts, available under a Creative Commons licence.

This project is the work of Seumas Macdonald.

About the author:

I hold a BA, BCA (Hons), BD (Hons), MTh, as well as a Grad Dip in Humanities, and have studied Greek and Latin for over a decade. At present I am completing a PhD focused on the writing of Basil of Caesarea and Hilary of Poitiers. I currently serve as Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Theology at Union Bible Theological College, Ulaanbaatar.

Contact me:

I can be reached via email: seumas.jeltzz  @  gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

    • Yes, some scholars do regard it as inauthentic. For example it’s not included in the NFPF collection. I think that was a presumptuous judgment, “indubitably spurious”. You can read a translation of it in Deferrari from 1926, available on the Internet Archive here.

      Best wishes, Seumas

  1. Found it, thank you so much! I had searched online without success to find this translation and noted that it had been omitted from some collections on grounds of its alleged spuriousness, so I am most grateful to you for guiding me to the right place. By the way, we may be on the same time zone (I am in Hong Kong). I hope you have made the most of the summer months in Ulaanbaatar, with its breathtakingly beautiful scenery: once winter sets in you will have plenty of time in the long evenings to work on your project! Best Wishes Alan

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