Gregory of Nyssa, Ad Ablabium – pdf release

I’m very pleased to release a pdf version of Gregory of Nyssa’s Ad Ablabium, On Not Three Gods today.

The text represents not only a significant Patristic work, but I dare say a real step forward; there are simply very little helps for Greek students wishing to transition from either Classical texts or Koine Greek to the later Church Fathers, and to my knowledge there are no real student or reader editions of this kind of material. With the release of this text, I think we are seeing something truly new for students of Greek, Patristics, History and Theology.


This release is almost certain to contain an error or three, and I would appreciate any feedback you have on the text, formatting, errors, etc..


I’ll go ahead and say that we’re getting closer to releasing some print editions.

For the next volume, I’ll be working on something in the Latin Fathers.